17 February 2012

100,000 Hits at I Think, Therefore I Review!

We've had a significant mini-milestone today at I Think, Therefore I Review with our 100,000th hit! 

While we'd been steadily climbing in our hit totals and statistics in the six years we've been on blogger, as our articles, links, and association connections increased in 2011, we saw a significant jump in virtual attendance.  Averages of 50 to 100 hits per day have doubled to 200 or more thanks to our recent horror escapades and series reviews.  Spam commenting has also decreased significantly in favor of actual real comments of appreciation and discussion!  

I know I Think, Therefore I Review isn't always a timely blog for the newest film and media releases, we go at our own old fashioned weekly pace and most often talk shop on classics, off beat genre fair, old school horror, even vinyl!  So indeed, big big, huge hugest, mostest thanks to those who have visited, read, and enjoyed our sometimes lengthy, bizarre, or avante garde reviews!  We like nothing more here than to be read and thus enlightening audiences with musical selections, family friend films, or great books one might not otherwise have taken a chance on.  

Golly for sure, some might think 100,000 hits is paltry compared to the big mainstream sites online today or quick and instant social media pages. However, seeing the stats totals climb has made reviewing and posting at  I Think, Therefore I Review, a true joy and reaffirms we're not just some penny collecting depressing job that doesn't take internet criticism seriously.  We care about our opinions and copy here, and are truly blessed to share our thoughts with our readers.  

Thank you, bless you!


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