04 October 2008

Halloween Hits And Misses

Horror Hits and Misses For Your Halloween Marathon

By Kristin Battestella

Already thinking about what films to add to your Horrorfest viewing this fall? There’s plenty of classics or low budget, recent or hi tech spooky films for your enjoyment, so I’ll save some of my time and yours with a quick list here of films to avoid and horror flicks worth your time.

You’ve Lost Your Head If You Watch These

I’m not going to do full length reviews of these lackluster haunts.

28 Weeks Later-Very weak sequel follows stupid kids who ignore all the rules of a zombie flick and don’t even adhere to the science established in the first film.

30 Days of Night- Vampire comic book adaptation tries too hard at something new, again leaving obvious threads unanswered and cast looking stupid.

Alone in the Dark- Christian Slater as our hero and Tara Reid as the scientist versus monsters from video game, need I say more?

Darkness-Poorly done ‘American girl, in a foreign country, with a kid involved in the horror’ copycat.

I Know What You Did Last Summer- Guilty pleasure of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boobs only. Oft imitated teen slasher style has not stood test of time.

Ring Around The Rosie- Tom Sizemore is creepy, but did we need another sisters reliving sex abuse horror flashback film?

The Reaping- What could have been a very interesting religious and horror thriller cops out with cults and evil kids.

The Eye- Another unfulfilled premise that somehow manages to work in a completely unrelated creepy kid (again).

Actually Worth Your Trick or Treat Time and Money

I’m hoping to get around to full fledged reviews on these, but here’s a few spooky recommendations.

28 Days Later- Intelligent zombie update adds social, science, and military commentaries along with fine action and effects.

11:14- Not horror per se, but a violent, creepy flick that weaves a cryptic timeline and makes the viewer think.

The Gathering- Not just another ‘American Girl in a foreign country with a kid involved’ tale. Religious implications and morbid philosophies add spice.

Shaun of the Dead- Laughter and wit mixed with emotional characters and honest relationships in a zombie flick? Yes.

The Number 23- Jim Carrey is delightfully twisted in this mind freaky and dark tale of obsession and murder.

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