18 December 2020

We're at InSession Film!


Tidings of health, hearth, and home from I Think, Therefore I Review! By Royal We of course, I mean me, and in the past few months in addition to I Think, Therefore I Review, I've also been doing some classic film analysis at InSession Film!

Feel free to explore some of the Old School Top Tens and More:

Top Ten: Gregory Peck Essentials

Harvey – Because We All Need a Pooka Right Now

Top Ten: Montgomery Clift Essentials

Top Ten: Charlton Heston Essentials

Top Ten: 'A Christmas Carol' Adaptations

Op-Ed: Seven Vincent Price Movies that Aren't Horror

Remember of course, you can find much more Horror commentary and Frightening Flix analysis exclusively at HorrorAddicts.net! Revisit the podcast season to hear our reviews and don't forget there are also a few Frightening Flix videos on Youtube alongside our Kbatz Kraft Holiday crafts and Dark Shadows inspired decorating:

I admit I've driven some of my editors a little crazy this year. At times I took on too many projects, bowed out of other opportunities, messaged people constantly over every little technical issue, but then took breaks from social media altogether. While chatting in some of those Kbatz Kraft videos, I've talked about rewatching a lot more comfort shows this year, both retreating into a rewatch happy place or going nothing to loose ambitious on artwork – each, of course, understandable for obvious reasons a.k.a 2020. So here's to getting back to a more regular reviewing schedule and the chance to share more Classic Film, Horror Movies, Retro TV, and Sweet Music in 2021!

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