22 June 2011

The Art of I Think, Therefore I Review!

Well, well, my little Thinkers!  THANK YOU for helping I Think, Therefore I Review reach 50,000 hits!  Small in the grand scheme of things, I know- but it’s the little things that count.  In celebration of your support on our mini achievement, we’re presenting The Art of the Review!

As part of the June Blog Workshop hosted by my FATE and FANGS: Tales from The Vampire Family publisher Muse It Up (plug, hee) I spent the day Friday June 17 sharing how any and all prospective writers, budding critics, those new to non fiction or the persuasive essay enthusiast can analyze films, books, music, and television.  Who knew?


Who wants to get schooled in critical essay and reviewing technique?!  In today's instant age of quips and quickie three sentence reviews on books, film, television, and music- writing a persuasive essay can seem so impersonal. The muck of thousands of blogs, journals, and social media sites that seem to merely concur, tweet, or link to someone else's critiques can seem so daunting, even overwhelming to the would be reviewer with something intelligent to say.  Will my voice be heard? Does my opinion count? YES! You- yes you!- CAN write a full length critique detailing the pros and cons of your subject in a concise, intelligent manner.  Don't think you have the time, even to write about a medium you love like books, movies, or music? Nonsense!  Afraid fiction and non-fiction work can't go together? Forgetaboutit! We're going to talk about using the basics of essay writing to analyze character, style, design, format, voice, and more.  Let's put the quick fun back into reviewing, write concise opinions, and have your critical voice heard!

The Art of the Review: Welcome

The Art of the Review: Introduce Personality

The Art of the Review: The Meat of It

The Art of the Review: Conclude Smartly

Do feel free to continue to comment and enjoy the tips and tricks being shared at the rest of the Muse It Up Blog Workshops.  Ask questions at the posts proper or drop a line here.  And again THANK YOU for taking part in the intellectual conversations and thought-provoking criticisms at I Think, Therefore I Review!

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