25 October 2009

Horror Comedies, Anyone?

Horror, Meet Comedy
By Kristin Battestella

Of course, I prefer when my horror films are really dark, scary, macabre, and well, horrific. However, sometimes a viewer needs to lighten things up for spooky parties or frightful family fun nights. Here’s your viewing list for an evening of friendly scares.

Munster, Go Home! and The Munsters Revenge- Boxers or Briefs? Lennon or McCartney? The Munsters or The Addams Family? Enjoy this funny, charming family of monsters in their 1966 theatrical debut Munster, Go Home! as they take their hijinks-now in Technicolor!- abroad. Though more about the caper at hand instead of the family, The Munsters Revenge is still a treat for fans of Herman, Lily, Eddie, and Grandpa.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark- There’s a touch of mature innuendo, but it’s a treat to see Cassandra Peterson’s alter ego host in a full length picture. The plot’s a predictable fish out of water scenario; with sexy Elvira taking an inheritance in a quiet, conservative town. Nevertheless, Peterson’s wit, bosom, and personality are all in spooky good fun.

Ernest Scared Stupid- Everyone loves Jim Varney and his plethora of goofy characters. Add a creepy house, trolls, and Halloween and you’ve got all the hijinks for a family fright fest. Yes, it might be stupid as the title suggests, but who cares?

Beetlejuice- Don’t say the bio-exorcist’s name three times! Michael Keaton leads an all-star cast in this humorous tale about a country couple turned ghosts trying to rid their house of a snotty New York family. Winona Ryder is creepy as the goth daughter Lydia, and all of director Tim Burton’s odd touches have their moments-from Juno’ smoke coming out her slit throat to Delia’s infamous ‘Dayo!’ dance party. Multiple viewings are in order here.

Idle Hands- Devon Sawa, Jessica Alba, and Seth Green star in this creepy teen comedy warning kids about idle hands being the devil’s workshop. Dumb in some ways, but hysterical in others-the cast has plenty of gory fun here. Some of the gore, teen sex jokes, and drug use might be much for youngins, but this one’s perfect for a safe, indoor night or mature fun.

High Spirits- Peter O’Toole and his Irish friends turn their foreclosed castle into a haunted showplace to attract American tourists. Unfortunately, Daryl Hannah and Liam Neeson really haunt the place! Some goofy humor, funny romance, even a few scary scenes make this Neil Jordan haunt a keeper.

Once Bitten- Jim Carrey and Lauren Hutton are quite the humorous pair as the aging but sexy vamp and the virgin she needs to bite. Sometimes I’d rather this be a straight vampire flick-the talent is certainly there. But the valley talk, Halloween fun, and kinky camp save this movie from total drivel ala the similar My Best Friend’s A Vampire. Again, there’s some mature innuendo, but young fans can enjoy Carrey’s early horror hijinks.

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