30 November 2009

A Bond Overview

A Bond Overview
By Kristin Battestella

Like Sharpe before him, James Bond has taken over in recent months here at I Think, Therefore I Review. Even after having watched all this 007 goodness in the spirit of review, I still would not call myself a Lover of all things Bond nor a Bond expert. I really like one or two films from each Bond tenure, but I could also leave a lot of these pictures out of my collection.

For quick reference, here’s a list of Bond films in chronological order, with links to our reviews:

1. Dr. No
9. The Man with the Golden Gun
11. Moonraker
16. License to Kill

Now, here’s my attempt to rate them all-subject to change, of course. I image there’s a few folks who disagree, so please feel free to comment or visit the individual reviews and critique there. The Top Twelve are the pictures that I recommend for explicit Bond fans and action viewers alike.

24. Moonraker
21. Octopussy
20. The Man With the Golden Gun
8. License to Kill
3. Dr. No
2. GoldenEye

Naturally you'll notice I've not reviewed every Bond picture as yet. I debated not posting this overview until I finished, but I didn't want to leave Our Man James hanging on over the holidays! Then again, I might be hanged for my rankings!

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