16 November 2007

Welcome to I Think Therefore I Review!

Well, that was as snazzy a title as I could think of for the new home of my reviews.

Who the Heck am I and what's this all about?

So I do reviews of films, television, music, books, miniseries, and documentaries in most all genres. Some series I've done like Bond, Sharpe, or The Bee Gees (hee) take on a sense of humor as I accumulate readers for the ride who are familiar with my style and outlook on the task at hand. Occasionally I'll do group reviews of more than one film or television season at a time, a versus format for fun, or a collection of hits or misses. Sometimes I'm more serious or harsh if my dislike is greater or if the topic is a more serious one. I'm not big on romantic or major popular recent pictures. I prefer older pictures, maintaining the classics, and informing folks of smaller or foreign pictures they may not know about. I'm more interested in genre, too- action, sf, fantasy, horror. Around the holidays you'll notice I get theme-ish or streaky, reviewing more horror at Halloween or Christmas movies in December. There's some quizzes and fanlistings for fun, too. I seek to inform, inspire, and entertain you!

What's your Posting Schedule and  nitty gritty Details?

Mostly, I think you'll find we fall in the PG to PG 13 range. Though I've reviewed many R or naughtier pictures, my screen captures and language are for the most part clean. I also specifically mention if a topic is 'kid friendly' or 'not for kids and prudes' and label my tags as such, too.

I also try to keep a semi regular posting schedule. Generally I post at minimum once a week or baseline 5 posts a month. If I'm on a streak, sometimes that can double up to 12 posts a month or more, so it averages to around 8 or 9 posts a month. Usually I post late on a Tuesday, my 'non fiction day' or in the overnight hours.

Blogger appears to have a better searchable and tagging system then my previous review home at the Wordpress Blog with my website, http://jsnouff.com/kristin or specifically, http://jsnouff.com/kristin/reviews.php. I'm hoping to eliminate that word press blog all together and use http://kristin724.livejournal.com/ as my latest news blog, and http://vampfam.blogspot.com/ for news regarding my novel The Vampire Family.

Hopefully, the hierarchy archive and labels list here will allow a view of review titles in an easy to find, read, and enjoy format! Whew, get that technical stuff out of the way. Recently, I've created an alphabetical and categorical listing page at my website-although I can't guarantee when it will be updated again! Currently http://jsnouff.com/kristin/reviews.php links to all our reviews from 2007 thru April 2010. That should keep one busy browsing for awhile!

Where else is all this Writing Work? 

I've reviewed many books, films, and television programs for a variety of print and online magazines, so don't forget to try the search blog at the top of the page as well. If you wish to comment and discuss our opinions, feel free to do so here. Everyone is also welcome to join the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group for more contests, fun, and writing news. For more articles and interviews I've written, visit the Non Fiction Page at my website.

Offsite my work has appeared at the following:
The Reminder
Creative Singulatrity
Flames Rising- including my How To Write A Horror Review
Fire Fox News
Blogger News Network
The Blue Lady
Bee Gees Chain Reaction
Phase Pistols and Pointed Ears
Scars Horror Magazine
The Mighty Bean

Do you Write Elsewhere or accept Submissions or Products?

Recently some of the older reprint reviews have been outsourced again to other online and print venues.  If you have a book, movie, TV, or even an actor specific website and see something you like or have open reviewer positions, please feel free to contact me.  Unless there's any other rights outstanding, I'm more than happy to share my work or write elsewhere.  That's part of the fun! 

At this time I do not consider book or film submissions for review. If you send me an ebook, paperback, CD, or DVD, I cannot guarantee I will ever get to it for a critique. However if there is something you'd like to suggest, recommend, or see my opinion on, please visit the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group or post it here.

Are these Reviews and Opinions open to Debate and Comment?

Personally, I really love and get excited when people comment about good movie memories or even if they totally disagree with me. You're reading, and reading what I wrote, and taking something away from it, awesome! Please sign in and use the follow, friend, or subscribe options to suite your tastes. I look forward to hearing a reader's viewpoint, but somehow it's not as fun if a comment is an anonymous drive by saying, 'You suck! Girls can't review Bond, science fiction, or genre at all! In fact, girls aren't supposed to be film critics and you suck!'  I have recently had to moderate comments thanks to some naughty link, foreign script spamming comments.  However this is not a dictatorship, and if you comment with something thoughtful-even in disagreement, it will be posted.

Mainly, I like books, music, film, and television; and if I have something to say about a topic that I think is of interest to others, I like having one easy place for it all. Since there are so many bad choices out there, I like thinking I save people time and money and help them find the shows and books they enjoy.

Why are there some fancy Graphics and Ads Here or Not Here? 
I try not to fill everything up with a lot of distracting extras. ITTIR is more about my opinion and ultimately the readers not bling. Sometimes my reviews can get longer at over 1,000 words, so I stick to easy reading color schemes, too. If I ever change up to bad a theme or the font is too tough to read; please let me know what style is best. A plain screen is actually a little bit that goes a long way.

If you like to exchange links or point me to a banner or related widget or something fun, drop me a line.  In our tags, you can find postings with all the fanlistings, badges, and fun stuff. 

I have over time added or subtracted various ads and associate programs and the like here.  While its nice to earn spare change via a website, it is not my primary goal.  I've yet to find a program that is worth the return as it is, and I'd rather discuss the merit of film and literature before selling out anyway!  I have recently added Amazon links, searches, and rollovers to some posts- but more for a reader's decision to move towards a purchase or further research and second opinion.  Again if there's ever something erroneous or detrimental about the coming and going ads, please let me know.

Thanks again for stopping by!



Kristin Battestella said...

I just wanted to post that I Think Therefore I Review is now on the LAMB! That is we are officially part of the Large Association of Movie Blogs.

Check out our entry here:


Kristin Battestella said...

Hey there movie fans!

We're going into our third year of intelligent criticism on modern movies, classic film, timeless television, and even great books and music critiques. As we near 300 reviews for 2010, something amazing has happened! I Think, Therefore I Review has been feature in the British Magazine Total Film as part of its '600 Movie Blogs You Might Have Missed' expose series.

There we are on page 4 in nice red letters!


Very special Thanks to Total Film and the Large Association of Movie Blogs for establishing I Think, Therefore I Review in the movie blogging industry!

Kristin Battestella said...

We've had a significant mini-milestone today at I Think, Therefore I Review with our 100,000th hit!

While we'd been steadily climbing in our hit totals and statistics in the six years we've been on blogger, as our articles, links, and association connections increased in 2011, we saw a significant jump in virtual attendance. Averages of 50 to 100 hits per day have doubled to 200 or more thanks to our recent horror escapades and series reviews. Spam commenting has also decreased significantly in favor of actual real comments of appreciation and discussion!

I know I Think, Therefore I Review isn't always a timely blog for the newest film and media releases, we go at our own old fashioned weekly pace and most often talk shop on classics, off beat genre fair, old school horror, even vinyl! So indeed, big big, huge hugest, mostest thanks to those who have visited, read, and enjoyed our sometimes lengthy, bizarre, or avante garde reviews! We like nothing more here than to be read and thus enlightening audiences with musical selections, family friend films, or great books one might not otherwise have taken a chance on.

Golly for sure, some might think 100,000 hits is paltry compared to the big mainstream sites online today or quick and instant social media pages. However, seeing the stats totals climb has made reviewing and posting at I Think, Therefore I Review, a true joy and reaffirms we're not just some penny collecting depressing job that doesn't take internet criticism seriously. We care about our opinions and copy here, and are truly blessed to share our thoughts with our readers.

Thank you, bless you!